Lake Peipus is one of the largest lakes in Europe and the biggest trans boundary lake. It is varied historically and scenic. You can visit interesting places and discover something new for you by yourself, with friends and family.

History and culture

With family and friends
Go travel and make sport

Nearest food stores
By car
Piibumäe   5 min
Omedu      7 min
Pala A&O 10 min
Kallaste A&O 10 min
Alatskivi A&O 20 min
Mustvee KONSUM  20 min

Places to eat:

15 min to drive
opened 11.00-22.00
phone nr 5200532
15 min to drive
opened 12.00-21.00
phone nr 53032485
15 min to drive
opened 10.00-22.00
phone nr 5067605
Traditional food menu of the old-believers
25 min to drive
opened 12.00-20.00
phone nr 5049908